Dyrenes budskaber

Dyrenes budskaber

Om at have et handicap:

Moxie er en kat som er født blind. Dette er hendes budskab vedrørende livskvalitet:

From Moxie: I was born without eyes but I’ll bet you I see better than you do. I don’t see with eyes but my vision comes from all my other senses. I can chase toys, run and leap and catch flies in my paw, and other things that I choose to do. People around me seem to be amazed. I am not disabled. I have just been enabled in other ways. Just because I don’t see things the same way that you do, doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy them to the fullest. I may not see colors the way you do but I feel them in ways you can’t even imagine. I am aware of every vibration in a room. I know each one of my dog friends by the smell of their feet. I know which ones to snuggle with and which ones to walk around because I see them in a way you don’t even begin to see. My life is not dimmed or diminished in any way because I don’t have eyes. I have met many people who have eyes but do not see.  I am grateful to see all that I do.

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